Go on an Epic Playdate!

Summer is the perfect time of year to go on epic playdate with your kids. With the warmer weather, you have more opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy the season.

Whether you go to the beach and dig in the sand…


…or take a ride on a certain blue enginefbe3659ed75b11e2b59422000a9f13f8_7

 …or just hang out and blow some bubbles in the front yard…a6179350ddec11e2a6b722000a1fc7c5_7

…make every playdate with your kids epic! These faces? They make it all worth it! ed90632ad54411e2bcc022000a1fbb0e_7

Need some more ideas? How about a movie night, like Might Girl threw! You don’t have to have a barn to throw a great movie night with your children. But I must say, setting up your own movie in the back yard? I think you would score major points with that one! Bonus points if you have that awesome popcorn machine!

Check out her video featuring a Movie Night at the barn to see how it all came together!

Hyundai Epic Playdate | Mighty Girl from David Crowther on Vimeo.

I had my own epic movie night last night! I surprised Ethan and his cousins with a special screening of Despicable Me 2. It may have not been a movie night in the back yard but it was epic! I don’t think I have ever heard them laugh so hard. Juggling a tub of popcorn, 3 HUGE drinks, pretzel nuggets, my purse, and 3D glasses was a little chaotic at the moment. But the minute I heard them all giggling and munching away on their snacks, priceless! Best mom and aunt ever? I think so!


 What epic playdate will you go on this summer?

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  1. What an awesome reminder! It’s easy to let summer slip by in a long list of to-dos. Our little ones certainly grow up too fast and I appreciate the encouragement to make memories with them before they are all grown up!!

  2. I’m inclined to look out the window while I’m writing and admire the summer flowers. Always meaning to go out and enjoy their perfume, sit in the garden and relax. Before I know it, the summer’s gone. Must do it this year.

  3. This weekend we will go to see Monsters Inc. and have a huge 5th birthday bash at Bounce U. Adventures and playdates are the best!!!

  4. We try to go an as many epic adventures as possible in the summer! In my book, Summer is all about the babies. Love this post!

  5. We’re headed to the movies a lot this summer. So many great kid-flicks to see!

  6. Definitely trying to make the most of a very busy summer – go to the Zoo, picnic in the park, play in the sprinklers…anything to make the memories!

  7. I still have to find time to go out for my first summer sea bath of this year…

    Now I envy you… heh…

    I don’t want to be negative, though – it’s only my fault.
    Heading to the beach now.

    Steve ✉ Master eMailSmith ✉ Lorenzo
    Chief Editor, eMail Tips Daily Newsletter

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