Kids Say the Darndest Things

I don’t know if it is his age or what. But, really, E does say the darndest things.

This morning as we were snuggling watching a show, we had a little conversation about how babies are made.

E: Benny was in  your belly for a long time. I missed him so much. {gives his brother a big hug}

Me: But now he’s here and you can play and you don’t have to miss him anymore.

E: Mom, you are going to get little and crawl in my belly button.

Me: Say what?!

E: You can crawl in my belly button. Then you’ll be in my belly.

Me: OK?!

E: Yeah, mom. Then you’ll be my baby. Just like Benny did. That’s how he got in your belly.

How long do you think this theory will last?

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  1. Ha! I love how their minds work. I'd just keep up that theory as long as you can. I am DREADING when I have to have that talk with my kids.

  2. This is great – at least he is content with that idea!

    My cousin asked his mom when he was about 9 and she started by saying, the same way that your cousin is about to have her baby (me having my daughter) and he said OH! OK! and went and played… totally lucked out on that one!

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