i heart faces ~ Crazy, Silly Face

On Friday, we headed to my sister’s for my niece’s 6th birthday. The family was getting together to celebrate with pizza and ice cream cake (yum!). After dinner, I took Sophia outside to get some birthday “I’m Officially 6” pictures. She loves hamming it up for the camera. We took some “serious” pictures but then she got the giggles and started being Sophia.


To see more crazy, silly faces, head on over to i heart faces.

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  1. That's the cutest picture!! Visiting from SITS, sharing the love. saw you on roll call, so no i'm not a stalker, but possibly a new fan. lol

  2. hahahaha! ah, to be 6!!! (well, actually i still act like this, but back then i had an excuse!!)

  3. Wow! Not only is that a great SILLY picture, it's a technically great picture, too! Crystal clear, beautiful color and exposure, great composition… I give it a 10!

  4. What a silly silly face! Love how kids can get so goofy and they don't hold back. Reminds me of my 6 y.o. daughter.

  5. Great!!! So glad you stopped by so I had the chance to see this pic, and your blog! Kudos.

  6. i love this! her face is hilarious and the colors are gorgeous! great job!! thanks for stopping by my page

  7. Hi! Visiting from SITS! You have a very lovely blog!

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  8. Coming over from SITS. Love it! She is adorable even with a silly expression.

    Have a great day!

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