I really wanna know….

…who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Friday, I asked you some questions to find out some more about you. Only 9 of your responded. I know there are more than 9 of your reading this. I’m looking at you.

Thanks to those who participated and those that didn’t, I got my eye on you!

I also gave you the opportunity to ask me anything. You guys came up with some great questions.

Jenni: Hmmm, well I already kinda know the answer to this, but I’ll ask so you share it with everyone- how many kids do you plan on having and what are your favorite names?

Me: We plan on having two, three is just too daunting for me. As for names, if the next one is a girl we are set. She will be names Abigail StillWorkingOnAMiddleName. If it’s a boy, we are screwed. We were lucky enough to agree on Ethan.

Jess: How did you choose your son’s name?

Me: Well, it wasn’t easy. We literally started looking at baby names the minute we found out we were having a boy. I liked names like Ethan, Carter, Aidan, etc. The hubster liked more “traditional” names like Christopher and Anthony. Originally, we planned to not reveal the baby’s name to family until after he was born. We wanted to leave some surprise for his birthday. Well, we had no problems with that because we couldn’t agree on a name! No one believed us when they asked and we said “We don’t know.” Fast forward to his birthday. E was born 5 weeks early via emergency c-section. When the doctors told me that I needed to be put under general anesthesia, I told the hubster that we needed to decide on a name. I could not go through with the surgery without knowing the baby’s name. He finally gave in and said that we could use Ethan. I sat straight up in bed and yelled “It took all this to get my way!”. The nurses couldn’t help but giggle. And that is how Ethan got his name. And the hubster wouldn’t change it for the world!

Shelly: What is your favorite thing to bake?

Me: That is an easy one. Cuppycakes! I love cupcakes, especially red velvet. Yummy!

Sara: What is your favorite book from childhood?

Me: That is a tough one! In my pre-teen years, I loved reading the Baby Sitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High. In fact, when were cleaning out for the yard sale (more on that later), I came across my collection. I was tempted to not seel the books and reread them. They wouldn’t take long to read and would help me with my 50 in 2010!


Well that got long in a hurry! I still have some more questions to answer so look for them later in the week. In the meantime, step on out of lurkdom and tell me “who you are.” Just leave a comment answering the following questions (and I’m changing them up a bit!):

1. How did you find me?
2. What is your favorite thing to blog about?
3. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
4. What’s your lucky number?
5. Ask me a question!

If you played along last week, feel free to jump on in again!

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