Family Traditions: It’s Cookie Time

Every year, my family gets together for a huge cookie baking day. The date is usually decided on Halloween when we are all together. We clear our calendars and one December Saturday is solely dedicated to baking cookies. We all have our cookies we want to make {chocolate chip, thin mints, and crinkles} but we all stop to help make the most important cookies of the year.

Unfortunately, our cookie day this year was put on hold due to my grandfather’s passing. My sister and I felt like we should still have the baking day. After all, my grandfather loved Cookie Day! He was the official taste tester. We tried to work out a new day with everyone but our schedules just didn’t match up.

I didn’t want this year to pass without some sort of Cookie Day. The hubster and I decided to have an impromptu cookie day! We had been kicking around the idea of trying our hand at making Pizzelles. But we had one small problem. I love the traditional Pizzelles with Anise, the hubster does not. We compromised: one batch with just vanilla, another batch with Anise.

We started with the plain, boring ones first.

I have to say for our first try, they weren’t too bad. A little thick but I can modify that the next time. Of course, Benny had to supervise us! He had a blast sitting at the table watching us make the Pizzelles. That is, until he realized it was food and wanted some!

And so, against my better judgement, I let him indulge a little.
He is definitely my child! He loved it and would have eaten more if I let him. Where was Ethan while all this was going on? Passed out on the couch! He missed cookie day!

We haven’t stopped at the Pizzelles. We have made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and have the infamous Italian Christmas Cookies left to do! We will be baking all week!!

Even though our cookie day was a little different this year, it was still nice to have that family time. We look forward to cookie day every single year and I wanted to make sure we still had that.

Does your family have a holiday tradition?

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  1. We’ve been making cookies on December 8th with my mom and sister for the past few years. My kids have the day off.

    Love the picture of Ethan passed out on the counch!

    I’m with you on the anise. Vanilla is way too boring!

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