It’s in the Mail

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From the very start of our relationship, e-mail played an important role between the hubster and I. You see the hubster isn’t a very talkative person. But through e-mail, he’ll tell you a lot.

When we first started dating back in 1998 {holy forever ago!}, we e-mailed each other every day. When he went off to college a few months after we were an official couple, e-mail was even more important. It was the first thing I checked in the morning {still is} and the last thing I did before going to bed {again, still is}. I would get so excited to see an e-mail from him waiting in my inbox. Back then, I didn’t get much mail, a lot of SPAM, forwards, and love letters for the then boyfriend.

E-mail is where we were able to share anything, absolutely anything. We had our share of “I love you” e-mails, “I hate you” e-mails, “I’m sorry” e-mails, and the “Just Because” e-mails. And I saved every single one. I still have them {yes, I printed them out}! They are funny to read at times and remind me how much we’ve grown and where it all began.

We still use e-mail as one of our main forms of communication. Sad? Maybe. But it works for us.. He’s still not much of a talker {even after all these years} and I learn a lot through our e-mails to each other.  My heart still beats a little faster when I see an e-mail from him whether it’s a reminder, an errand, or a simple “Just Because” e-mail. When I see his e-mail address in my inbox, it takes me back to being “high school sweethearts” and anticipating the next e-mail.

I don’t know if someone will invent something to replace the e-mail, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.


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