It’s October, right?

Right now, it’s snowing. SNOWING! And it’s October. OCTOBER! I am so not ready for this. But I know of one little boy who is!

He has been asking for a few weeks now when it was going to snow. When I told him that it be a while, he got really disappointed.

Disappointed no more!

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  1. Yeaaa…I am so not ready for it to snow here yet. Apparently it snowed at my sister’s house about 3 hours away. Yipes!

  2. He is adorable. I can’t believe the weather! I love fall and am totally NOT ready for winter. 🙁 POO!

  3. Wow.. and not even just a little bit! I hear we’re supposed to get snow very soon, but nothing yet. Funny, because last year we didn’t really get any snow until December 26th. That’s cute how excited he is for snow. I’m not a big fan really. I guess I better learn to enjoy it this year since it’s coming early.

  4. He is so cute! Although I have to admit…I am REALLY glad we’re not already dealing with snow!

  5. So adorable!

    I wouldn’t be ready for snow yet either! I don’t blame you. Your son is adorable though. :o)

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