Saturday we decided to take a trip into Skippack to walk around town and check out the stores. I haven’t been down there in awhile and we wanted to try out some local restaurants.

We ate at Justin’s Carriage House. The food was delicious but something outside out shone the good food.

There it was humming away….

That, my friends, is probably one of the greatest inventions ever….a cupake bakery on wheels! GENIUS!

As soon as everyone figured out what it was, we all got excited {both the adults AND kids!}. We walked up to the truck and we were overwhelmed with the choices. So many delicious flavors to choose from. Everyone decided to get a different flavor. We got:

Disclaimer: I apologize to all my Medifast friends for what I am about to do.

  • Me ~ James T. Kirk {Chocolate w/ Chocolate Buttercream}
  • E ~ Jim Henson {Vanilla w/Chocolate Chip Cookie Frosting}
  • Hubter ~ Butterscotch Jimpet {Vanilla w/Caramel Frosting drizzled in Caramel}
  • BIL ~ Jimi Hendrix {Chocolate w/Raspberry Frosting, I think}
  • MIL – Jimmy Stewart {Vanilla w/Coconut Frosting}

I wish I would have gotten a picture of everyone else’s but they scarfed them down too fast!

Did you pick up on the flavor names? Again, GENIUS! Every cupcake is named after a famous Jim, James, or Jimmy. She has everything covered! I think the next time I’ll try a James Bond {Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese Icing}.

We will definitely be looking for the Jimmies Cupcake Co. truck {or stalking her calendar to see where she will be!}.

I think it’s safe to say you have secured some new loyal fans!

Click here for her official site, and you can also follow her @jimmiescupcakes on Twitter or on Facebook.

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  1. There's a cupcake truck that sits out on 33rd & Market. It is sooooo bad for my diet {but oh so yummy!} =)

  2. Ohhhh yumm. We have delicious cupcake places here but I don't think any on wheels. What an awesome idea!

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