Kid Activities for “Do Something Nice” Day

One of the things I try to teach my kids every day is that they are to be kind and nice…to every body. Every day as parents, we are presented with opportunities to teach our children to be kind.

It’s “Do Something Nice” day on October 5th so we are doing something nice for you! I am always looking for ways to show my children how to be kind to others. And not just on Do Something Nice Day…every day!

Sometimes? We need a little help! If you need a little help with coming up with ways to help your child, below you will find some great ideas to get the kids involved on this day.

Kid Activities for “Do Something Nice” Day

Post Cards for Seniors from Sunny Day Family

Do Something Nice Printable from Classroom Freebies

101 Random Acts of Kindness from Natural Beach Living

Teaching Children to Think of Others from Moments a Day

The Secret Kindness Project from Owl Haven

Birthday Boxes from I Can Teach My Child

Secret Service Activity Day from The Fickle Pickle

Random Acts of Kindness Coin Jar from Inspired by Family Mag

Rainbow Rock Project from Hello Wonderful



How do you teach you children to be kind?

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  1. We are big on manners in our home. I think that is the building blocks to being kind. Remembering to say thank you, sorry, ect.

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