Last Day of School Traditions

The final bell will ring on the school year before we know it! As much as the kids are counting down the days, so am I. I am starting to prepare for the end of the school and planning our summer fun. And the best way to kick that off is with some last day of school traditions!

You don’t have to go over board or even put a lot of effort into celebration the end of the school year. However you choose to celebrate, the kids will so excited!

Iput together a list of some of the best ways to celebrate — from easy to over the top! Start these last day of school traditions with your kids this year.

Last Day of School Traditions

Last Day of School Signs and Printables

— Last Day of School Printable Signs: Just in time to prepare for your End of the School Year Pictures for your kids, Enjoy these Free Last Day of School Printable Signs!

— Last Day of School Countdown: Make last day of school countdown chain!  All you need are slips of construction paper and a stapler.

— Last Day of School All About Me: Preserve your child’s unique personality, likes and dislikes with this adorable “All About Me” Interview for the Last Day of School.

— Last Day of School Autograph T-Shirt:Make an autograph t-shirt for your child to wear. They can have their friends and teachers sign it for a memory keepsake!

Last Day of School Star Wars Printable Signs: Add a little fun to your kid’s End of School Year Pics with these Star Wars Last Day of School Signs!

Last Day of School Lunch Bag: Why not send them to school with a personalized printed lunch bag for their last day of school.

— End of School Year List: Top 20 list of fun ways to celebrate the end of school!

— Summer Dreams: Have your kids write down their dreams for the upcoming summer!

Last Day of School Teacher Gifts

Thanks for Helping Me Grow: These easy DIY teacher appreciation gifts with a free printable envelope are perfect for the end of the school year!

Chalkboard Teacher Mug: Make a plain mug stand out by painting it with chalkboard paint!

Relaxation Bucket: Send your teacher into summer ready for some relaxation with a Relaxation Bucket! Fill it was magazines, a beach towel, and a spa gift card.

Hands Down the Best Teacher: Bath & Body Works is always having a deal on their hand soaps so this can be an inexpensive teacher gift.

—  Fun in the Sun Gift Bag: Teachers like to have fun in the summer to! This gift bag will keep them covered throughout the summer!

—  “Orange” You Glad it’s Summer: This is such a fun theme for a teacher gift basket! You could find so many things to put in it!

— Couldn’t Have Picked Any Better: Any teacher would love this thoughtful gift on the last day of school!

— “Thanks for Keeping Me on Target”: Target gift cards will ALWAYS be a hit!

Last Day of School Friend Gifts

Have a KOOL Summer: All you need are Kool Aid Jammers and Crazy Straws for an easy last day of school treat!

End of the School Year Bubble Gift: What kid doesn’t love bubbles?

— Fruit-Roll-Up Diploma: Yummy treat to celebrate graduating to the next grade!

— Bursting with Fun: Water balloons are a must this summer!

— CHALK Full of Fun: Kids and sidewalk chalk go hand in hand (see what I did there!).

Have a Ball: Gumballs paired with this printable are the perfect combination!

— Rockin’ Summer: Pop Rocks are always a favorite treat!

Last Day of School Activities

— Last Day of School Breakfast:Start the morning off with a last day of school breakfast!

— Last Day of School Car Pickup: When it’s time to get the kids from school, pull up in the car line with a decked out car.

— Shower them with Silly String: When the finally get home, shower them with silly string!

— Summer Fun Bucket:Now that the kids will be home for summer, put together a Summer Fun Bucket.You can find everything you need at the dollar store.

— Last Day of School Books: What a great way to kick off summer reading. There are ton of books all about summer and summer vacation, like The Night Before Summer Vacation.

— Make a summer bucket list: Sit with the kids and write down everything you want to do this summer!

— Last Day of School Basket: Start Summer vacation the moment your kids walk through the door!

— Finish Line: Make a finish line for them to crash through as they arrive home from that last day of school!

— Surprise Water Gun Fight: Have the water guns filled and ready when they arrive at home!

Oh The Places You Will Go: Ask your Child’s teacher to sign each year. When graduation day comes you’ll give it to them.

— Take a picture of your child each year wearing a big t-shirt with their high school graduation year!

Last Day of School Tailgate Party: This is such a fun way to bring on summer!

10 Songs to Celebrate the Last Day of School: You are going to need some tunes while you you having fun celebrating!

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