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Show of hands? Whose kids’ have about a million toys? I see you all raising your hands out there.

They can never have too many, can they? Most are only played with a few times before they are tossed aside in the closet, toy box, basement, or the black hole that is under the couch {anyone else have that problem?}.

Few toys become their favorites and are played with every day. These range from stuffed animals to games to educational toys. E definitely has his select few that he goes back to all of the time.

Benny is just getting into the toy action and is at the stage where he will actually sit down and play. He will grab a toy from his toy box {yes, they have separate toy boxes. E’s orders!}, sit himself down, and play for a good 2 minutes. 2 glorious minutes that I long for each and every day. 2 minutes that he can keep himself entertained. 2 minutes that mommy can get something down in peace!

leapfrog touch magic bus

As soon as I took the LeapFrog Touch Learning Bus out of the box, I knew he would love it would become one of Benny’s favorites. Since receiving it, it has been one of his go-to toys. I must hear ‘The Wheels on the Bus” about 20 times a day!

He wasn’t the only one excited about it. E sneaks playing with it whenever Benny isn’t.  They are currently fighting over who gets to play with it at this very minute. {Benny’s winning!}

leapfrog touch magic bus

When they aren’t fighting over who’s turn it is, I often find them cuddled up on the couch playing together. Any toy that can get the two of them to play together without fighting and keeps them {semi} quiet is mommy’s favorite toy!

leapfrog touch magic bus 3

The LeapFrog Touch Learning Bus is a perfect fit for both of their ages. As a pre-schooler, E  has been using  it to work on his letter recognition. And, well, we already talked about how much Benny loves to make music. Anything that makes noise is his favorite thing!

leapfrog touch magic bus 3

The LeapFrog Magic Touch Learning Bus takes children on a musical journey filled with educational discovery and games. With a simple touch, preschoolers can use the six piano keys and two drum pads to play along with songs that include Wheels on the Bus, ABC Song and an original, Rockin’ School Bus. The interactive flat surface with vibrant graphics encourages exploration and features more than 200 learning and musical responses and over 40 touch points—including letters, piano keys and more—that allow kids to enjoy music and learning fun with every touch.

You can purchase the LeapFrog Learning Bus online and in store at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Amazon.

What is your child’s favorite toy to play with?

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