We Are Learning All Summer Long with Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore Learning provided us with fun items to keep our family busy this summer, all opinions are our own. 

 A Grande Life's Summer Learning with Lakeshore Learning


Learn All Summer Long with Lakeshore Learning


Summer is here, and this is the first full week with the kids at home. Aside from keeping them busy so that I don’t go crazy, it’s important to keep their minds sharp and on target even while they are not in a classroom setting.  It’s still important for them to learn, whether it’s the fundamentals or life lessons – and the best way to learn is through play.  Through play they don’t even mind learning, because they don’t know that they are. 



Make Chores Fun

Keeping the kids busy, learning, and happy is a feat of in itself, but actually getting them to help you get chores done? It’s totally possible. It’s even possible for them to be excited to do so. One of the ways that we encourage that was through a recent family game night. We played The Allowance Game  by Lakeshore Learning and they were hooked. The fun game entails “doing chores” on your turn and earning money, but it also has consequences for not doing certain things. 

For example, wash the car and earn $1.30, but forget your homework and lose a turn! In this fast-paced game, players race around the colorful board doing chores and collecting an allowance, then spend their earnings on the things they want.



rainy day reading with lakeshoreRainy Day Reading

While we may long for the lazy rainy days where we could just curl up on the couch with a good book, the kiddos – not so much! When it starts to rain outside that’s when they start to whine. So we’ve found the perfect win-win solution for those days.  Lakeshore Learning’s Read Around The House! Treasure Hunt Game is the perfect way to get in that extra reading time without the kiddos knowing. They get so excited to follow the clues around the house, that they don’t realize that they are reading to do it.

It’s so simple – Kids follow the clues…and discover the hidden treasure! Exciting riddles lead children from one room to the next—boosting letter recognition, exploring vowel sounds & building rhyming skills as they play!





Confidence Boosting CatchBuild Confidence

For the little ones that are going off to school for the first time it could be scary. They might not have all the confidence to meet new friends. One way to help build their confidence through play is a good game of catch.  We love  No Fail Froggy Catch Game! While Benjamin is a little bit more experienced at sports, he’s a bit shy. Abigail is a wild-child that has no problems making friends with strangers, but doesn’t always have the focus for a game of catch. She often gets frustrated when she cannot catch or throw well. 

We set these two up with No Fail Froggy Catch and they had such a blast. Soft, hook & loop “bug balls” stick like magic to the entire surface of our cute froggy mitts—so it’s easy for kids to make a catch every time!  We love that the double-sided, machine-washable mitts fit both righties and lefties.





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