Life Lessons at Kalahari Resorts

This review was made possible by iConnect and Kalahari. I was provided with an overnight stay to facilitate my review and compensation, but all opinions are 100% mine.

This past weekend, my family and I visited for a fun little getaway. I knew the boys would have a blast. I knew this would be a much needed break from our hectic schedules. But what I didn’t know was that it would be an eye opening experience for me. 


Before we even got there, I was 100% sure Ben would want to stick to Tiko’s Watering Hole and wouldn’t dare go on a water slide. I put him in this little box of being cautious and not wanting to try new things. On our first day, he proved that to be pretty true. He was scared of the Lazy River. I mean, who’s scared of the Lazy River? So off we went to Tiko’s Watering Hole and hung out there for most of the day. 


But day 2? I don’t know what happened to him! He took his big brother’s lead, ran right over to Splashdown Safari, and started going to down water slides. Smaller ones at first and, before we knew it, he was flying down bigger ones and kept going back for more. So much for that box I put him! 


Kids are surprising that way. Always changing things up. Their preferences can change by the hour. But here is where the real life lesson comes in. I was adamant that I would not be going down water slides. I don’t like them at all. I’d much rather float down the Lazy River or sit in the hot tub. 

But then it happened. That big eyed 4 year old grabbed my hand and asked me to go down the water slides with him. How could I say no to that?

And guess what? I loved it! I loved seeing my oldest’s face when he realized that mom had gone down the water slides. That mom got her hair wet and was running around like a kid. And I wasn’t the only parent doing it. I looked around and all the parents were having the times of their lives. Spraying their kids, racing them down waterslides, and not caring who was around and who was watching. 


We need to do more of that in our everyday lives. Not just when we are on vacation. 

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  1. The number one reason is so I can visit my mom who I haven’t seen in a long time. Secondly, the resort looks awesome and really fun.

  2. I would so love a getaway to Kalahari Resorts as a Birthday gift for my son! He’s birthday in in October. He would REALLY love it! Thank-you for a great #giveaway

  3. This looks like such fun! We have never been to any kind of resort before, so I would love to do a family getaway with the kids (oh and the hubby, too)!

  4. I’d love to surprise my kids with a stay at Kalahari. With the cold weather upon us its great to get into the water and swim.

  5. We want to go on a getaway to Kalahari because my family loves indoor waterparks and we love places where there are many activities in one location.

  6. I’ve heard such good things about this resort! When I checked out their website, I couldn’t believe all the stuff there is to do, a waterpark, arcade, mini golf, buffet, spa and that’s just scratching the surface.

  7. I want a getaway to Kalahari because my kids have wanted to go here and we have never gone. I know they would have a blast.

  8. Things have been really hectic around here and life feels so up in the air. It would be nice to just get away from everything as a family with no requirements or other reasons to be there.

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