Oh So Tired

Recently our early mornings have looked like this:

Ben wakes up to eat
Ben falls back asleep
Momma starts to doze off.
Footsteps down the hall.
Little boy climbing into our bed.
Little boy snuggles in between us and pretends to be sleeping.
Husband gets up to get ready for work.
Little boy goes into his room and proceeds to bring 101 toys and books into our bed.
Little boy uses my comatose body as train track and reads me books.
Husband leaves for work chuckling.
Little boy stares at me until I open my eyes.
“Hi, Mom.”

Did I mention this all starts at about 4 am?

Someone get me a Trenta!


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  1. LMBO oh I remember those days. Made even more interesting when I had the 3rd one.. and I had 2 climbing all over me when what I really wanted was another 10 hours of sleep .

  2. In a way, I miss those days. You don't have to be anywhere so everyone stays in bed – put a movie on, lazy day. Can you imagine if you had to leave the house to go to an office? Ugh!

  3. I can't imagine, I have Lexie in bed with me when Craig leaves for work and she won't go back to sleep its insane!

  4. Hi, I am following via Twitter by way of the blog hop. Please follow me back! I am so new to Twitter and I have no followers… GASP! : )

  5. Ours have been starting average of 6am lately. I need more sleep now so i am amazed you are even functioning!

  6. I can relate to a morning like that one! I'm your newest GFC follower! Hope you can visit my blog soon. Found you on the Sunday hop.

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