Little Blessings (in disguise).

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday where you count your blessings. To me, Christmas is all about being with your family and your friends. This season makes me take a step back and truly appreciate all that I have.

As a mom, I am truly amazed at E and the hubster. Over the past 18 months, our little family has grown and we have this active toddler to share it with. There are days when I might not see the blessings but there are there.

The Eternal Mess ~ Every day I wonder why I bother picking up his toys. I have never been a stickler for being tidy but the hubster is very anal about it. Having E around has made him loosen up a bit (a teeny tiny bit). Instead of worrying about picking up the mess, we have both learned to just enjoy the mess with him. There wouldn’t be a mess if he wasn’t having fun.

The Daily Grind ~ What would I do without the run around that is my life? Wake up, get dressed, wake up E, feed him breakfast, get him dressed, stop for coffee, drop off at daycare, work, pickup at daycare, make dinner, clean up, bath time, read books an play, bed time, play on the computer, sleep. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The Early Wakeup Call ~ Sleep is very important to me. When that sleep gets interrupted by a “ready to play” toddler, Mommy isn’t happy. The blessing: Someone needs me. He wouldn’t be waking me up if he didn’t need something, right? 9 times out of 10 that wake-up call leads to a morning snuggle fest.

Mo’ Whobas (More Thomas) ~ What would the world be like without Thomas the Train? My world would be without a distraction for E. He could watch “Whobas” all day, leaving me time to get stuff done around the house.

What hidden blessings are you counting this holiday season?

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