Is your family prepared?

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One of the things that my family has the unfortunate luck experiencing is a power outage. For whatever reason, our neighborhood is always hit with an outage. Sometimes they are predictable. Others, not so much. Like last night when a transformer blew at 7 pm. 

Other times, we knew we were going to lose power. Like during the ice storm a few years. We were without power for a little over 24 hours. We prepared as best as we could. Thankfully, since it was winter and there was snow and ice outside, we just put all of the food in plastic bins and stuck them in the snow! That problem was solved. 


But as the house grew colder and daylight was gone, we needed another plan. So the kids and I packed the car and headed to my parents’ house to camp out. Since then, we have gotten better at making sure that we are prepared for any kind of disaster. 

When I was asked to check out Live Prepared‘s 72-Hour Emergency Home Kits, I was all over it! It has everything we would need in an emergency and the clean-up afterwards. If you have young children, emergency preparedness ensures they’ll be as comfortable, well-fed and safe as possible. The Home Kits are also a great gift to give to aging family members, college students, and adult children living on their own.  

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So what’s in the kit?

How does it work?

Live Prepared food is high-quality food specifically designed with emergencies in mind. It has the calories necessary for a quality meal to keep you going, it is easy to prepare, tastes great (better than you would think) and is shelf-stable for 20 years (so no replacing canned goods over and over, you only have to think about it or take action every 20 years…nice!) No problem. In a matter of minutes, you can cook Live Prepared’s savory, shelf-stable foods right in the pouch. Just add hot water to keep your family safely and tastefully nourished.

Tip: Keep your kit somewhere handy!  Live Prepared recommends the kits are stored under a bed or in a cupboard within easy reach.

But does the food taste good?

The meals are super easy to make! All you need is boiling water! Use the stove to boil your water and let sit. I love that you can make the meals right in the pouch. No dishes to clean! Because, let’s face it, you don’t want to waste your water washing dishes!

And it really does taste good, especially the Macaroni and Cheese!

Get your own Live Prepared Kit!

Everyone should be prepared for any kind of disaster! Use code Welcome20j for 20% off your Live Prepared Purchase. Expires 6/30/16 

Or win one!


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  1. Man, emergency kits are so important, but I always procrastinate in making one. I don’t know why I don’t have one. There’s always some excuse.

  2. These Live Prepared kits are a lifesaver. I love that the kits are fully loaded and packed for my whole family, for any situation plus the shelf life of 20yrs is well worth the investment. I’d love to live prepared & have peace of mind with these kits. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I think about putting together a kit often, especially during bad storms like the one we just had here. I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet. Lazy, I guess!

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