LOST Recap

Episode 6×1 & 6×2: LA X

I was so freaking confused last night it wasn’t funny. But I will try to do my best and recap.

Let’s start with the Easter Eggs. Did you see them?

  • The Dharma shark swimming around. 
  • Rose told Jack “It’s gonna be ok you know.” Jack said that to her in the original scene.  
  • “823” on the Ajira Crate
  • The pen that Kate uses to try to remove her handcuffs is Jack’s ‘missing’ pen that he couldn’t find when he was trying to save Charlie. 

Things we found out.

  • We found out what was in Hurley’s guitar case.
  • The bomb created two timelines: one where they never made it to the island and one where they did. Or was it a flash foward? (I told you I was confused.)
  • The smoke monster is the man in black.
  • At the end of the episode we see Sayid “resurrect”. Could he be Jacob in a Sayid suit?

Already the season has started with a lot of religious undertones. From what we’ve seen so far, it appears that Jacob would be the Jesus-like character, while “Locke”/Monster/Man in Black is the Satan character. It’s the classic good versus evil smack down.

  • Locke/Monster saying he wants to “go home” could be the fallen angel/Lucifer/Satan trying to return to heaven.
  • Richard and Locke/Monster as well as Jacob seem to be immortal – we’ve seen them throughout all seasons and they never aged.
  • Richard could be either another fallen angel who turned to the good side, helping Jacob/Jesus, or he could be Judas atoning for his sin by helping Jacob/Jesus, which is probably why he was in chains at some point.
  • Ben seems to be bound to Locke/Monster now in some way, after having been tricked into killing Jacob/Jesus.

I will be one unhappy girl if this whole show, in fact, turns out to be purgatory. I know, I know, they said it’s not. But when have they ever been honest with us.

And I’ll end with my favorite line of the night.

Ben: So you’re the monster.
Locke: Well, I wouldn’t go name calling.

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  1. Great recap Steph! I agree with most of what you said (like always!) and that was one of my favorite lines too. Along with Ben asking Ilana "and who are you?" =)

    I heart Ben.

  2. I read somewhere that the bomb created parallel universes (or something like that) so those are like flash-parallels. Great theories on the whole religious aspect, I hadn't thought of those!

  3. I can't read this yet. It's is DVR'd. But I wanted to THANK you for coming by my blog today! Also I have a giveway going on – just posted!


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