LOST Recap

Episode 6×3: What Kate Does


I love the look on Claire’s face at the end! I will admit that it was hard to focus on this episode. It was a little blah. But I did perk up when Ethan/Dr. Goodspeed showed up as Claire’s doctor.

As always, let’s start off with the Easter Eggs.

  • The killer whale Kate pulls out of Claire’s bag is the same killer whale that we see Aaron holding in a past season when Aaron is living with Kate and Jack.
  • Ethan or Dr. Goodspeed said he was going to let Clair have the baby if she was ready because he didn’t want to stick her with needles and drug her if he didn’t have to, while back on the island he stuck Clair with lots of needles and drugged her up a lot mostly against her will.

My thoughts: 

  • The “others” mentioned that the water wasn’t clear. Could MIB have taken over the water and that is why Sayid is “claimed”? When Jacob inhabited the water, it was clear and would heal. Also, does Sayid now have the “sickness” that took over the Rousseau?

  • Speaking of the “others” and Sayid, why couldn’t they just tell him that they were testing him for infection? Why make him feel like he was being tortured? Maybe they know what he did for a living and they are trying to “get back at him.” Who knows with these people? They never answer any questions.

  • How is Claire alive? Is she the new Rousseau? It think those are her traps that Kate almost tripped. Is she also possessed with the “sickness”? At the end of the episode, Dogen tells Jack that the sickness has claimed his sister (Claire) but what does it all mean?
  • Is it just me or did you notice the long glance that Jack and Kate shared while her cab was pulling away? They were looking at each other like they were trying to figure out how they knew each other. And not just from the run in on the plane.
  • I noticed some similarities in how Aaron was named both in the original timeline and the current. He was named both times under duress
    • Claire named him on the island after Rousseau kidnapped him 
    • He was named when Claire went into labor and they couldn’t find the baby’s heart rate
  • I really feel bad for Sawyer. He obviously loved Juilet very much. I loved the reenactment of him throwing her engagement ring in the ocean like Desmond did with Penny’s. A small, tiny part of me wishes he would have shot Kate (but we knew that wasn’t going to happen).
Next week’s episode looks much better. I can’t have an episode without Flocke. So I will leave you with my favorite line from NEXT week’s episode.

Flocke: I promise. I’ll tell you everything.

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