LOST Recap


Episode 5×07: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
I’m just going to jump right into this one.
  • Of course, the big reveal was the Locke did NOT kill himself. But why did Ben kill him? I do not believe that Ben knew that Locke had to die to get back to the island at the time that he killed him. This would be yet another biblical reference where Ben represents those unbelivers who killed Christ, but did not realize that in killing him there were fulfilling the destiny and true path of Christ (Locke). Ben will be surprised that Locke has been resurrected and will need to “touch his wounds” to be convinced. He told Locke that he would miss him. He didn’t think he would ever see him again. After he sees Locke’s resurrection, he will realize the true divinity of Locke and possibly repent.
  • Did anyone notice the shepherds leading the sheep across the highway when John and Abaddon were headed to the airport? Did you also notice that one of the sheep did not cross with them? An analogy to John leading his “flock” (the 6) back to the island and the one who didn’t cross was representing Walt.
  • Speaking of Walt, we finally had that question answered. But in true Walt fashion, he did have a message for Locke. He had a dream about Locke in a suit surrounded by people who were angry with him and wanted to hurt him. When we see Locke on the island, the other passengers are very leery about him (don’t remember him on the plane). Could the other passengers on the plane be working for Widmore?
  • Another thing about Walt, all the other children are coincidentally (or not coincidentally) off the island. Walt, Aaron, Ji Yeon. I think there is a reason for this. I think that they will all play a role shortly.
  • Ilana said to Ceasar about Locke “He was just standing in the water.” When Jack first Christian, he was standing in the ocean. This would even be a closer tie to Christian, including the “nice suit.”
  • Charles Widmore makes another appearance. He told Locke that Ben is the bad guy, not him. He also told locke how he was the leader of the island before he was exiled, presumably by Ben. So who really is the bad guy? Ben? Widmore? I think both!
  • Helen Norwood, Locke’s true love. She died 4/8/06 (more numbers) of an apparent brian aneurysm. I do not think she is dead at all. I think it was ploy to get Locke back to the island. With Helen being dead, he has no reason to stay in LA.

And my favorite quote of the night:

Hurley – “Hey Susie, am I talking to a guy in a wheelchair right now?”
Susie – “Yeah.”
Hurley – ::looks around::…”Whoa, dude!”

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