LOST Recap

Episode 5×16/5×17: The Incident
Let’s get right to it!

  • We finally get to meet this mystery man.
  • Everytime Jacob visited one of the Losties he always seemed to touch them. Could his touch make some sort of connection between the person and the island?
  • In each of the stories in the past Jacob has given just about all of them something. Whenever there was a transfer of something, like the pen switching hands, the camera focused on that. I think this is a significant sign that he was trying to make a connection with the person.
    Sawyer- gave a pen to write the hate note
    Kate- Lunchbox
    Hurley- Guitar
    Locke-touched him
    Jack- Candy bar
    Sun and Jin- relationship advice, touched them
    Sayid- saved his life basically by stopping him so he didnt go into the street and get hit
  • The Black Rock was an earlier version of 815. Jacob got all that crew on the boat, got it to land on the island, and attempted to prove that free will does not always lead to total destruction. That experiment failed, so he is trying again with 815.
  • When Jacob was “dying,” he said to Locke “They’re coming.” Who’s coming? Why do they do this us?!
  • Is he really dead? I don’t think so.

Flashbacks – Tons of flashbacks last night

  • Kate – Looks like Freckles started out as a criminal at a very young age. Good thing Jacob was there to save her.
  • Sawyer – Poor Sawyer. He has been a sad little boy for a long time now and losing Juliet doesn’t help things.
  • Juliet – This falshback was a huge piece of information (at least to me). It showed why she has problems trusting men. The thing her mother said to her was a huge connection.
  • Ilana – What does Jacob need her to help him with? And it seems as if she knows who he is. But how?
  • Sayid – Another sad moment for Sayid. Did Nadia die?
  • Jack – Again, we see the control that Christian has over Jack. And how Jack is always trying to please (or prove himself) to his father.
  • Hurley – Hurley seemed suspicious of Jacob when they were in the cab. And how did he get Charlie’s guitar case? Did he bring it with him from the island?

Jacob’s Nemesis/Fake Locke/Esau

  • In the beginning of the epsiode, we see Jacob and this new guy. They are watching the Black Rock out in the distance. They discuss a few things and then mention a loophole. Later when Jacob sees “Fake” Locke he mentions the loophole again. Are you scratching your head yet? The loophole must be that the new guy from the beginning of the episode can somehow assume the form of a dead bodies. “Christian” was not really Christian Shepherd, but gave instructions to Locke. He gave instructions to Ben as Ben’s daughter, to do whatever Locke says. When Locke’s dead body came back, he assumed Locke’s form and got Ben to kill Jacob.
  • Also, we now know that Locke wasn’t resurrected. Perhaps he was reincarnated. Does he realize this? Is this the destiny that he’s been looking for all this time?
  • And who exactly is this man? My guess is that he’s Jacob’s brother. Time to take another dive back into my theology pass. In the old testiment, Rebecca is having twins, Jacob and Esau. She was having trouble during pregnancy and asks God why she was suffering. She received the prophecy that the twins were fighting in her womb and would continue to fight all their livs, and after they became two separate nations. The prophecy also said that the older would serve the younger, and the statement “one people will be stronger than the other,” has been taken to mean that the two nations would never gain power simultaneously: when one fell, the other would rise, and vice versa. So basically this whole thing boils down to a fued between Jacob and this guy inhabiting Locke’s body.
  • The cabin: I don’t think it was Jacob’s at all. I think it was Esau’s. Jacob found a way to imprison Esau in the cabin with ashes. That’s why he asked Locke to help him. And why he is now inhabiting Locke’s body.
  • Another biblical reference:
    Satan couldn’t kill Christ, he needed someone else to do it for him (the angry mob). Esau couldn’t kill Jacob either, he needed someone who didn’t believe Jacob.
    Christ told his followers that they didn’t have to listen to the mocker/accusers, that believing was their choice. Jacob told the same thing to Ben before he was slain.
    Christ will one day allow Satan to be released from a spiritual prison for 1000 years to rule and reign with terror. Esau seems to have been released from his prison
    After 3 days, Christ rose from the grave. Might this not be the end of Jacob after all?


  • I actually felt for Ben last night. All he wanted were answers (like the rest of us!) and Jacob couldn’t give them to him (shocker!). Good for him for stabbing him…multiple times.

Juliet & Sawyer

  • Raise your hand if you sobbed when Juliet let go of Sawyer’s hand! ::waves hand frantically:: He really does love her! Finally, he’s over Kate!
  • Oh and good for Juliet beating the crap out of that bomb. Girlfriend bitchslapped the thing!
  • I believe that Juliet is the smoke monster. Let’s look at the facts:
    1. Up to this point in time (1977) we haven’t yet seen Smokey.
    2. Juliet fell down a long tunnel.
    3. She was attached to a chain…Smokey is known to make the sound of chains rattling.
    4. Listen to the noises when she lands at the bottom, as well as the general sound of machinary in the entire scene. All very remeniscent of Smokey.
    I think this ‘Incident’ may have created the Smoke Monster and if so, Juliet was right there when it happened. Anyone, anyone?

Rose, Bernard, & Vincent

  • I was so happy to see Vincent! He always seems to lighten the mood.
  • The whole scene was really sweet and it was nice to see them again.
  • I love that Rose and Bernard are off living the life that they wanted. And that they were able to survive for 3 years on their own.
  • Greatest line from them: “We’re retired.”

The Question

  • What lies in the shadow of the statue?

The Answer

  • Of course it had to be said in another language with NO SUBTITLES! But thanks to trusty ole’ google I found the translation. The answer is “He who will save us.” What that means? Your guess is as good as mine.

I’m sure that I’m forgetting a ton of stuff (and I’ll probably edit later). If you want to read another LOST recap, head on over to see Jenni. We will either a) have the same thoughts, b) totally contradict each other, or c) a and b at the same time.

And my favorite line of the night…

Sawyer: This doesn’t look like LAX.

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