LOST Recap


Episode 3×09: Namaste

Wow! What a great episode. Let’s get right to it.

  • The answer we have all been waiting for: who’s the baby? ETHAN!
  • Wasn’t it convenient that the runway was there for Frank to land? Remember Ben had Sawyer and Kate build the runway. My guess is that old Ben told Young Ben and that’s how he knew to build it. It was built just for them.
  • Where’s Faraday? Is he off time traveling again? Is off working on the Orchid? And what exactly is it that the Losties can and can not do in 1977 according to Faraday.
  • Why are Sun and Frank in current time with Christian and everyone else stuck in 1977? Here’s my theory: Locke visited Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sayid. He never visited Sun or Frank. And Ben visisted him. Christian told him that Ben was never supposed to the turn the wheel and leave in the first place. I think that’s why they are in the present time and NOT with the O6.
  • Speaking of Christian, could that possibly be Claire in the background behind Sun or was it a production error? I hope it’s Claire.
  • And the whispers return. Don’t ask. I have no idea what they said or what they mean.
  • I love that Hurley’s job assignment is chef. LOVE IT!
  • How awesome was it when Sun hit Ben with the oar? Go Sun!
  • Remember a couple of episodes back when Locke saw Ben wounded on the cot? We all assumed that he was in there because of injuries from the crash. Now we know, he’s there because of Sun hitting him on the head!
  • And of course the ending in true LOST fashion. Who didn’t see it coming that the kid was Ben? This of course opens up a whole new can of worms. My take? Little Ben in this episode seemed to reveal hints of fascination with the “Hostiles”, and the prospect that Sayid might be one of them. This is a direct follow up to Ben’s “Take me with you!” encounter with Richard in the jungle, where Richard told Ben to be patient. Maybe this was Ben’s first encounter with a possible Hostile since that day when he met Richard, so he’s hoping for some sort of news. In fact, maybe little Ben thinks Sayid, “The Hostile”, has come there specifically for him, just like Older Ben got himself locked up in Season 2, apparently for the purpose of making contact with John Locke.

And now for my favorite quote(s):

Frank: I thought you trusted this guy.
Sun: I lied.

And in true Hurley fashion: “Dude your english is awesome!”

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