LOST Recap


Episode 5×13 – Some Like It Hoth

Easter Eggs:

  • Miles asked the people in the van for the same 3.2 million that he asked from Ben.
  • The numbers were all over this episode: Young Miles found the dead guy in Room #4, Sawyer and Kate were on Camera #4, and the time on the microwave was 3:16 (the flight number for the most recent crash).
  • Chang was reading a book about polar bears to baby Miles.

Recap, Thoughts, Ponderings:

  • I think it was a little predictable that Chang was Miles’s father. And you just knew at some point you would see a baby Miles. Wasn’t he adorable?
  • Hurley talked about father/son fallout between Darth and Luke leading to a missing limb. Chang will later lose a limb somehow and the father/son problems between himself and Miles.
  • I really like the pairing of Hurley and Miles. Great combination!
  • When Miles and Hurley were at the Hatch, it was great watching Hurley squirm while they were engraving the numbers into the hatch. Maybe we will get an answer as to what the numbers mean. Probably not!
  • I don’t know why Sawyer thought it was a great idea to knock Phil out. That’s not going to help cover up what he and Kate did. And speaking of Kate, she did a poor job of “laying low.” What is her deal lately?
  • In Mile’s “flash forward/back”, we saw him come across Bram. And again, that stupid question was asked. I want to know the answer! And we also had another hint at the impending war. Who’s side is Bram on? Who will the Lostie’s side with? Looks like we will have some answers (possibly) in 2 weeks.
  • Speaking of which, what is up with that? Don’t they know I need my LOST every week!
  • When I heard that a sub was coming in from Ann Arbor, I was hoping to see the DeGroot’s pop out. Instead we are treated to seeing Dan again. Maybe he’s a DeGroot? Hmm…

And I just have to point this one out. Did anyone notice the logo on Hurley’s Notebook? Ok you didn’t get a good look. Well here it is:


Anyone else think this was shout out to the “Apple Notebook?” I thought it was pretty funny!

And the best line from the night:

Miles: Did the ditch have a gun?

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