LOST Recap


Episode 5×05: This Place is Death

Last night’s episode was a true LOST episode. The first 55 minutes are good, giving you details, setting up the story line. And then the last 5 minutes are amazing. Just when you are on the edge of your seat BAM!, it’s over.

Let’s start with the Easter Eggs. You know you are looking for them too!

  • At the very beginning, the numbers are being read over the radio. (And if you listen closely, I think it’s Hurley!)
  • As Charlotte was drifting in and out of consciousness, she muttered “Turn it up. I love Geronimo Jackson.” This was my first clue that she had been on the island before.
  • The name on the side of the van that Jack, Sun, Ben and Kate were riding is was “Canton-Rainer” which is an anagram for REINCARNATION.

And now on to what we learned!

  • The island’s power is finally being revealed. When Christian arrived on the island, he was dead. Now, he’s alive. Locke was paralyzed, but now can walk. Richard doesn’t age. When you put all this together, you can come up with a pretty interesting theory. Here’s mine: Christian (Jack’s dad) is a native to the island, like Richard. However, Christian left the island for many years and aged. But when he came back to the island dead, he somehow was resurrected. The Oceanic 6 are making their way back to the island, with a dead Locke. I would be willing to bet that when (and if) they make it back to the island, Locke will also be resurrected.
  • We also got a chance to see what happened with Rousseau and her team and the “sickness” she referred to. We still don’t know what exactly that “sickness” is. The more I think about this, the more I think Rousseau herself is the one with the “sickness” not her team.
  • Christian tells Locke that he was supposed to move the island NOT Ben. I think it’s safe to say that if Locke would have indeed moved the island, all the craziness would not have been going (flashes).
  • It was revealed that Charlotte lived on the island before. So the big question is who are her parents? There are many theories circulating about this one. The DeGroots? Annie (Ben’s childhood friend)? I think this is going to become an important part of the show.
  • Another big reveal was the Daniel was in fact on the island before. He told Charlotte as a child to never return to the island. But he doesn’t seem to recall this. This is a stretch but I think the reason he told Desmond to find his mother was so that he would have his constant. Maybe? We’ll see.

And I leave you with my favorite quote of the night.

Miles: “He’s Korean — I’m from Encino.”

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