Maximizing Your Savings When Consignment Sale Shopping

You can save a lot of money when you shop at consignment sales! Check out our tips for maximizing your savings when consignment sale shopping.

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It’s one of my favorite times of year, consignment sale shopping time! I shop at a local consignment sale twice a year. This is where I stock up on the season’s must-haves along with some fun surprises for the boys. 

I always have a game plan before I head out to shop. This really is the only way to do it. When you have a plan, you are guaranteed to get everything your kids’ need and not break the bank.

Just Between Friends Philly Spring 2019 Sale

You all know that the #JBFPhilly sale is my FAVORITE consignment sale on the planet! I have been shopping their sale for years now and I also surprise myself with just how much I can snag for the boys at the fraction of the price at the store. 

The Just Between Friends Philly sale will kick off on March 13, 2019 and runs through March 17, 2019 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center (100 Station Ave – HALL C, Oaks 19456).


Want to consign at the JBFPhilly sale? Sign up HERE!

Pre-sale tickets for special guests (teachers and first time parents/grandparents) for March 13th  can be grabbed HERE!

Want to attend the sale? Get your tickets HERE!
Admission is $3 on the first day, March 14th but is waived with these tickets. All other days are free!

Maximizing Your Savings When Consignment Sale Shopping

Now that you have all of the sale information, it’s time to game plan how exactly you can maximize your savings and grab all the deals at the Spring Sale. 

Consign at the sale. JBF Oaks Consignors earn an average of over $400 at each sale and you can TOO!  Consignors earn 60% on their sold items. So before you just get rid of all those toys and outgrown clothes, think about how much money you could earn by selling them at the sale. When I consign, my goal is to make back what I spend at the sale so it’s a wash. But as you can see, there’s a potential to earn even more than that just by simply consigning!

Volunteer. If you consign and volunteer during the sale, you can earn back even more! Team Members who complete a total of 4 hours earn 70%!  

Shop early! Being a consignor and volunteer has even more perks! You can shop BOTH presales early! And when you get to shop the Half-Price presale early, you are bound to score some major deals. The more shifts you complete, the earlier you get to shop! The earlier you shop, the better the selection + you earn more.

But what if I don’t have time to consign or volunteer? There are still ways for you to maximize your savings. 

Make a list. And try to stick to it! It’s hard to stick to your list when you see so many deals all around you. But I have found making a list before I head out (including sizes, colors, etc.) helps me really not go overboard. 

Check prices on your phone. There are times when I am shopping the sale that I wonder if something really is a good deal. Most, if not all of us, have our cell phones with us so use them! Check the prices online. Check Amazon or the actual store and see what similar new items are selling for. This will help you determine if the sale price is a deal. This is particularly helpful when shopping for larger items, like strollers and baby gear. 

Shop with a friend. Shopping is always better with a friend! Next to checking prices on your phone, having a shopping buddy helps you curb your impulse shopping! Your friend will talk you out of buying six pairs of black shorts or telling you you really don’t need to buy that vintage school desk. She will also help your purge your overflowing pile of clothing! 

Consignment Sale Tips

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