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I am partnering with my friend Steph from Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom to come around local moms in need through various organizations who work with or support moms: local prisons, women’s shelters, food cupboards, etc.  Each organization has moms who could use some love and encouragement. They will provide a small profile of the mom by November 30th. After that, we’ll get to work matching readers (ahem, YOU) with the moms.

What We Are Asking: Mom Encouragement

mom encouragement

1) Provide a gift card to the mom you are matched with and her family. It can be as big or as small as you’d like. The organizations we are working with specifically mentioned that gift cards are a HUGE help to these women address emergency needs or “when the week lasts longer than the paycheck.” The gift card can be sent with your letter OR you can send money through paypal to me, and I will go out and buy gift cards locally (more info to come in a follow up email once you sign up).

2) (And most important) We ask that you provide a letter to “your” mom. You can say whatever you’d like. Handwritten would be awesome (so personal!) but we live in a digital age, and a typed one is fine too. Heck, write it in a holiday card. Share a bit about yourself if you’d like. But take time to shower her with encouragement and support. Think about what you would want to hear if you needed encouragement.

Right now, all the moms are based in the Philadelphia area – but a letter and gift card can come from anywhere in the world – so don’t let locality hold you back!  You might spark a lifelong penal relationship – who knows! If you’d like to figure out how to get something happening in your area, share that in the “Comments” section of the form (include your location) and we will work to help you start something up!

If you want to participate fill out the form below. We’ll send an email before matches happen to go over the specifics, then we’ll start to match you up in the beginning of December.

Here’s to being the change you wish to see in the world.

Let’s make the holidays bright for all.


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  1. What an amazing project. Since my husband is unemployed and we are financially strapped ourselves, I’d better not sign up, for fear I may not be able to fulfill my duty. But, I will be praying for this project and for these moms! What a blessing!

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