Mom Style 2.0: Summer Totes Under $50

Not only do I load up on casual shoes during the summer, I seem to collect a ton of summer totes. They are perfect to throw your towel, book, and sunscreen when heading to the beach or pool. They are also great for vacation for packing toys, books, and other kid essentials. I normally find my great summer totes at Marshall’s, Target, and one of my absolute favorites was a “free” gift at Victoria’s Secret.

6 Summer Totes Under $50

summer totes under $50

1. A large straw tote just screams beach! I love this blue and green stripe tote from Target.

2. I got this monogrammed beach tote last year! It is perfect for the pool or if you are going to the pool alone. I love the red and white stripes.

3. As much as I am a sucker to Nine West sandals, I even more smitten by a great Nine West tote. I can’t even begin to tell you how many I have had over the years. I mean, look how cute that yellow tote is!

4. My secret obsession? Vera Bradley. I know there are mixed feelings about Vera Bradley bags but they are perfect moms. They can be washed if they get dirty and they do come in really cute prints.

5. I love the color of this blue tote! It’s a great color that will easily transition to the fall.

6. This is a great score on a beach bag! Not only do you get a great large bag but it includes some great beach games.

What’s your go-to bag for the summer?


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  1. I have a beautiful designer tote I got at Reviewers Retreat in 2011, but I don’t know the brand name! I’m bad like that, but it’s black with green design and gorgeous 🙂

  2. Love the monogrammed totes – and they make great gifts too – especially for kids! These are all so pretty 🙂

  3. I am of the theory that you can’t have enough totes for the summer or beach/pool! I just love them all. I really love #6!

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