Monster Buddies

When the kids are off from school, I try to have some quick crafts planned to keep them busy and off the video games all day. At about 10 am yesterday, I had had enough of the fighting and arguing so I broke out a craft. 

monster buddies-14

Monster Buddies! I knew it was a craft that wouldn’t take them long to do and something they would have fun doing together. 

monster buddies

Monster Buddies

You’ll need yarn, a small rectangular piece of cardboard, pipe cleaners, and sticky back googly eyes.

monster buddies-6

Select your yarn and tape the end to the middle of the piece of cardboard. Pick out a pipe cleaner and lay it on top of the yarn.

monster buddies-7

Starting in the center of the cardboard winder you created, start wrapping the yarn loosely around it. 

monster buddies-8

Keep wrapping the yard until the whole ball is on the cardboard. As you are winding, make sure you don’t get too close to the sides! Twist your pipe cleaner very tight. 

monster buddies-9

Flip the cardboard over and cut through the center of the yarn. This will create your pom pom monster. 

monster buddies-10

Spread the yarn around into a circle. Trim pieces if you desire.

monster buddies-12

Add sticky back eyes to complete your monster buddy!

monster buddies-13

What can you do with your Monster Buddies?

  • Glue them to a pencil as a pencil topper. 
  • Glue them to felt strips to make bookmarks.

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