Mornings Fueled by McCafé

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I know it’s no secret that my days are mostly fueled by coffee. My husband thinks I rely on my morning cup of coffee way too much but hey, we all have our things right? But when I sit down and think about how crazy my mornings typically are, my morning coffee helps ease me into my day.

Let’s take a look at my typical morning shall we.

Mornings Fueled by McCafé

5:45 am: Little one crawls into bed. As I drift back to sleep his little face is in mine. “Can we go downstairs and play now, Mommy?”


6:00 am: Husband gets ready for work and takes the children (who are up entirely too early) downstairs and get them settled until I roll out of bed.

6:15 am: Little one crawls into bed with me…again. This time he’s asking for me to come down. I ask him to give me 10 minutes.

6:50 am: Wake up startled because I swear I didn’t mean to fall back asleep. I stumble down the steps to two children sitting nicely on the couch watching a show.

6:52 am: Brew the very first cup of coffee for the day. Stand patiently at the coffee machine until cup is filled!


6:58 am: First cup is done and the second cup is brewing. I think I am almost human, now.

7:00 am: Empty the dishwasher and load it again while coffee is brewing. Ask the kids what they want for breakfast.

7:10 am: Breakfast is on the table for the kids and I can sit down and enjoy my second cup of coffee.

7:12 am: Remember that there’s a load of laundry in the washer…wet. Run down to re-wash so I don’t get behind on laundry…again.

7:15 am: Sit down again with my coffee. Oldest asks for more syrup.

7:25 am: Reheat coffee that is now cold and clean up the breakfast table.

7:45 am: Get the kids dressed and ready for school. After they ask for the 1,000th time, let them play a video game until it’s time to leave.

8:05 am: Pack oldest’s lunch and make sure his backpack is ready. Contemplate making another cup of coffee now or when I get back from school drop off.

8:10 am: Little one has accident and need to get him dressed…again.

8:15 am: Tell everyone to put on their coats and shoes.

8:17 am: Tell everyone to put on their coats and shoes.

8:20 am: Yell at everyone to put on their coats and shoes.

8:22 am: Finally out the door and ready to drop them both off at school. Remember I left my third cup of coffee on the coffee machine.


8:50 am: Come home to a quiet house and a cold cup of coffee.

8:55 am: Sit down on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and enjoy the silence.


9:15 am: Head to Walmart (because it’s Thursday) and find they are handing out samples of McCafé coffee. Jack. Pot.


McCafé coffee, which I found at Walmart, is made with 100% Arabica Beans and harvested from the rich soils and mountainous regions of the foremost coffee-growing areas of the world. There are 8 flavors to choose from (my favorite is the Breakfast blend) and are available in either premium bags or coffee pods.


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  1. I particularly enjoyed that you tell the kids to “Tell everyone to put on their coats and shoes.” three times. That is EXACTLY like our house in the morning, only add “brush your teeth” to the mix! Looks like McCafé is a great way for you to start your day!

  2. I am so excited they are selling McCafe coffee now. My husband loves it and goes to McDOnald’s twice a day to get some. Now we can have it at home!

  3. Sounds like my mornings! This reminds me of something I just read that said something along the lines of, “it’s a luxury for a mom to get to pee in peace or drink a hot cup of coffee.”

  4. How is the Breakfast Blend? I like a lighter roast and the medium roast McCafe is good, but I think I want something just a bit lighter. What do you think?

  5. Just wait until they can make their own breakfasts and lunches. It’ll be sooner than you think. Then you’ll get a warm cup of coffee again – on the first attempt. It’s a beautiful milestone!

  6. My kids are teens, and mornings are still hectic. I still have to tell them to put on their shoes and coats multiple times to get them out the door! Plus now they all want coffee, so I have to wait for my turn with the Keurig.

  7. I love the anthropologie mug! i have the same one in “j” 🙂 I can’t start my mornings without coffee either, but i’ve been having a hard time finding a brand for my keurig that i actually like, so i may have to give McCafe a try!

  8. I definitely have to have my coffee. Every. Morning. That’s great that I can now buy McCafe at the store – no more running through the drive-thru at McDonald’s in my robe. 🙂

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