Must Have Apps for #BlogHer13

One of the ways I am preparing for BlogHer is getting my apps in order. I have apps for everything. For travel. For the kids. For blogging. And now? For BlogHer.

Last year at BlogHer ’12, I found quite a few apps that came in handy to not only navigate the conference itself but to get around New York City.

must have apps for blogher 13

1. The official BlogHer app: The mobile app allows you to plan out your schedule during the conference, find more information on speakers and sponsors, connect with other attendees, update your social media channels, and take notes on your favorite sessions.

2. EventbriteMost off-site parties rely on Eventbrite for invitations. Instead of having to print out all those tickets, you simply show your phone!

3. HopStop: This came in handy last year in New York City. You plug in your destination and it tells you how to get there. It’s perfect for navigating a new city and public transportation.

4. OpenTable: OpenTable is perfect for finding where to eat based on your location. You can also make reservations from your phone!

5. Evernote: I use Evernote almost every day. It’s a great way to keep track of your notes, to-do lists, etc. It will sync to every computer or device you have it on so you can truly get your stuff anywhere.

6. Cardmunch {iPhone} or Yolu {Android}: You will be collecting a ton of business cards while at BlogHer. From fellow bloggers to brands, you will have a stack when you get done. You can scan them right to your phone and add them to your contacts using either of the two apps listed.

7. Instagram: Instagram is must for a blogger! Share where you are, the sites, and, sometimes, brands will have contests asking you to Instagram a picture with a hashtag to win a prize.

8. HootSuite: Or whatever social media app you prefer. I like to use HootSuite so that I can post across various social media platforms. Saves time!

9. WordPress: This is perfect if you plan on live blogging or plan on doing a post about a session you are attending. You can type your notes right into the app and clean it up later when you are back at your computer.

10. Shoeboxed: I just recently discovered this app and wish I had it sooner. Shoeboxed saves you time and money by turning piles of receipts and business cards into an organized archive of data. Scan your receipt, add a note, and you are good to go!

What is your #1 app to use at BlogHer?

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  1. Those are some great suggestions. I’ve seen some apps suggested that include a car service one, food truck finder.

    Chicago will be a blast…have fun!

  2. I didn’t know about all of these apps – I will be downloading some of them before BlogHer for sure – especially CardMunch!! Can’t wait to see you there.

  3. Love your picks! I use Evernote when I attend conferences and meetings, love it!

    1. Yes! Most tell you not to bring a paper ticket, they just check your name off a list.

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