My Dear Child

All of my days start
because of you,
my dear child.

Did you know that?
Everything I do is because of you.

From the moment I wake up,
I get up and go for you.

Having you around has brought me a joy
I never could have dreamed of.

Joy I never knew existed.
Love I never thought I could give.

My dear child,
now I am beginning to understand, or rather,
beginning to feel that precious bond I was so uncertain of.

That quiet connection that has always been there.
Right from the very start.

It was always there between us.
At the very beginning,
it welcomed you into our lives.


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  1. I love the contrast between the child as a baby and as a preschooler. And I love love love the smile!!

  2. Adorable! I like the old & new pictures mixed together… unique idea!
    It’s amazing how our kids change our lives so quickly isn’t it?

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