My Week in Droid Pics

Hey the iPhoners are doing it, why not us droiders too!

Before I give an insanely long post about what we did on our 10 day vacation, I thought I would share our vacation in cell phone pics.

Tuesday, July 5th

1 – Piggy Back Riding with Dad at the zoo

Wednesday, July 6th

Children’s Museum
1 – Had the whole water area to himself!
2 – My lunch date ~ we shared chicken nuggets and a pretzel
3 – Climbing the maze
4 – Zonked out after a fun day

Thursday, July 7th

1 – An awesome water display at Phipps Conservatory ~ I wanted to go take a nap there!
2 – A smiley cookie to end a yummy lunch

Friday, July 9th

1 – Honeybadger!

Sunday, July 10th

On the road again!


Link up your week in Droid pics {or any cell phone pics!}.

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  1. I love the water picture one with the chair.. Lord if I had that here I would so be outside in it daily..

  2. looks like a great vaca! honeybadger pic is funny – i'm assuming you have seen the funny youtube video??

  3. Hi there!

    I love how you have your rewards already planned out!

    That's what I need to do!
    I'm planning on buying a tunic when I lose 10, but putting it on paper and setting a date with a photo, etc., is really the way to go! Thanks for the inspiration and best wishes on your goals!

    Am following via the Tuesday bloghops – Nice to meet you!

    Am your Newest Follower, too!!!!

    Best Wishes,


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