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This Momma needs a vacation. Badly. And I’m not so sure if I had a choice if I would bring the hubster and E with me! {Although I do have a family-free weekend coming with Kelly, Jenni, and Steph!}

I think what I really need to do is unplug for a weekend and sleep and read and sleep some more. And you know what? I might just get that opportunity next weekend! We are headed out to Pittsburgh for our last trip before Baby #2 comes. We originally were going to go out for Easter but I’ll be 36 weeks then. Yeah, so not happening!

After next weekend and my little girls’ weekend, I don’t forsee a vacation for me in a looooooong time. Sure we will take some trips while I am on maternity leave but come on, will that really be a vacation? With a 3 year old {OMG!} and a 2 month old {OMG again!}, I would hardly call that a vacation!

So who’s with me? Let’s all pack our bags and get away! QUICK!


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  2. I will come kidnap ya if ya want.. I don't know where we'd go but I would kidnap ya lol

  3. I hear you louuuuuud and clear.

    BTW, thanks for jinxing me last night with Z's sleep. Kid wanted nothing to do with his bed, and it was a nightmare 😛

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  5. I am with you, I so need a vacation too…I'll settle for a whole day all by myself, locked in my room (with tons of coffee and water, of course)…it'll only be me and the sims 3!! One of these days…

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by on my Monday Hop Along Blog Hop! I am now your newest follower 🙂 It was wonderful meeting you this weekend too!

  7. I love your "need a vacation" post! I am a brand new follower vis Jenni from the Blog…. and I look forward to visiting your blog often. I can only say "amen to that regarding the need for a vacation! Ha ha
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