New Year Resolutions Worksheet for Kids

It’s that time of year. The time of year that everyone sits down and makes their New Year Resolutions. New Year Resolutions don’t have to stop with adults. Kids can make them too! This is a great time to sit down with your kids and a New Years Resolution Worksheet and find out what they want to work on for the year.

Last year, I sat down with my oldest to come up with his New Year Resolutions. He talked a lot about becoming more independent and responsible. Sounded perfect in my book!

We came up with ways that we could track his resolutions like a responsibility chore chart. We also talked about ways he could be kinder (to his little brother) and be more independent with things like brushing his teeth.

This year, I plan to sit down with him again. He has really grown since last year and, with him being more responsible, I wanted to create something he could do himself. So I whipped up this New Year’s Resolutions Worksheet.

New Year’s Resolutions Worksheet for Kids

Just click on the image below or directly load the PDF to print out the New Year’s Resolutions Worksheet for your kids to fill out on New Year’s Eve!

New Year Resolutions Worksheet for Kids

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