Newest Edition.

I got a new baby for my birthday! I have been trying to convince the hubster that I really, really needed a new lens for my camera. He finally gave in agreed to it. Of course once he agreed to it, no one had it in stock!

I searched high and low and finally found it at a local camera store. Their website said they had it in stock but I wasn’t taking my chances. I called to confirm and they had just received a shipment so I had nothing to worry about.

After my birthday dinner at Maggiano’s, we popped into the store and picked it up. Happy Birthday to me!

I got the 35 mm f/1.8!
Isn’t it pretty? 
It didn’t take me long to find the sweet spot on the f/ stop. I found keeping it at 2.0 gave me the creaminess that I craved (and yes that is a technical term because I said so).
I got it just in time for my first ever newborn session and I ended up using it the entire time. I could not get over the picture quality and I barely had to use the Speedlight! I finally get what everyone’s been saying about “good glass.” It also helped that my clients had great lighting in their house. 
Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the session (I’ll be sharing more once they are all edited). 


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  1. WOW! what a phenomenal photo. Can't wait to see the rest.

    Sounds like you had a great birthday 🙂

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