The Next Big Thing

Part 2 of our Family Fun Day was dinner and mini-golf.

Dinner was a disaster. Trying to eat in a restaurant with a near 2 year old who refuses to sit in a highchair anymore and wants to be a big boy and sit in the booth is a disaster. I am still a little tramatized so that’s all I’m going to say.

After the disaster dinner, we headed out to play mini-golf. The place was really nice and gave E his own club and golf ball. We picked the easier course and he took off! He had a blast.




We all had a great time and I can see us doing this quite often during the warm weather.

Oh and guess who got a hole in one? This lady did! Guess who didn’t? Ha Ha…I love it when I beat him at his own sport.

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  1. The challenges of a 2 year old in a restaurant! We had one episode and that's all it took – I don't think we ate as a family at a restaurant for a year! Haha! My daughter is going to be 4 yrs old next month so it does get better!

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