Nutrisystem Update: Week 2 Favorites and Weigh-In

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Another week is in the books for Nutrisystem! This week, I was off the Fast 5+ program and onto the regular plan. This means, you get to eat more! And try out the frozen food. What does that look like when you break it down?

nutrisystem plan

Did you see that last block there? The one that says Dessert! Yes, dessert! Let’s just say I was a little excited about that one. So what were my favorite meals this week?

Nutrisystem Update Week 2 Favorites and Weigh-In

Though this cinnimon roll be little, it sure is mighty! I honestly felt like I was cheating when I ate this!nutrisystem-10

Remember last week how I talked about adding sauteed veggies to my dinner to bulk them up? Well this week, I did that with my lunches too. I put the white bean chicken chili over spaghetti squash. Not only did it bulk up the lunch, it also helped tone down the spicyness.


And now for the weigh-in!

weight loss check in (1)

That means I lost 1.8 pounds this week. While that’s nothing compared to last week’s weigh-in, I was expecting this. I knew it wouldn’t be anything dramatic like the week before. When you don’t have a huge weight-loss in a particular week, it’s important to look at the non-scale victories. My non-scale victory this week is that I am comfortably wearing my wedding rings again. I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore them!

Non-scale Victory of the day: wearing my rings! #NSNation #ad

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Looking for more on Nurtisytem? Check out my overview of the Fast 5+ Program and then check out my results from Week 1! You can follow along on Instagram where I will be sharing my favorite meals throughout the program.

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