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Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies: A Summertime Treat

If you’re a fan of Nutter Butter cookies, get ready to take your love affair to the next level with Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies! These mouthwatering treats put a playful twist on the classic sandwich cookie, adding a touch of whimsy and flavor that will leave you craving for more.

Summer is quickly approaching which also means there will be a ton of invites to picnics, BBQs, and cookouts. I also like to bring a cute and easy treat with me and I normally fall back to my standard Hamburger cookies.

Hey, they are quick and easy! You can’t blame me right? But this year, I wanted to switch things up a bit and try a different cookie treat, Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies.

Nutter Butter Cookies are seriously underrated and could be used to make adorable treats for any party! These Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies are super easy to make. I mean after all, you just have to draw on some lines on them and call it a day. And? They look adorable!

Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies take the iconic Nutter Butter shape and transform it into a whimsical and delightful treat. Instead of the traditional peanut shape, these cookies are crafted to resemble flip flops, perfect for summertime snacking or any occasion that calls for a bit of fun. The flip flops feature the same creamy peanut butter filling sandwiched between two delicious, crispy cookies.

These would be perfect for a Last Day of School celebration or for a pool party! There possibilities are endless all summer for your to bring these with you to cookouts and picnics. 

Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies


These Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies are so easy to make! You’ll be bringing them to your get togethers all summer long!

  • There really aren’t any rules when making these cookies! Decorate them however you like!
  • Instead of piping icing straight onto the cookies, you can also dip the cookies in melting chocolate. If you go this route, place a fork between the cookie layers when you dip!

How to Make Flip Flop Cookies

You don’t need any special kitchen equipment to make these Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies so there’s no excuse not to make it right now!

All you need is:

  • Cookie Icing: I like to buy the pre-made icing in the pouch because it makes it easier to pipe…and it’s less mess!
  • Sprinkles: You can get really creative with your sprinkles. Look for seasonal sprinkles, like stars and balls!
  • Nutter Butters: If you are making these for a party, grab the family package! You can make a lot of these in a short amount of time. I guarantee they’ll be a hit!

Using the icing, create your flip flop straps by starting at the indentation on the side of the cookie. Make a line from the indent down to the bottom of the cookie. Repeat on the other side. Place a sprinkle in the center where your lines meet as an embellishment!

Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies

Nutter Butter Flip Flop Cookies


  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • cookie frosting
  • sprinkles


  1. Begin by squeezing a bit of frosting from each tube onto a test surface. You want it to come out smoothly and evenly. Testing it ahead of time and warming the tube up a bit with your hand with help.
  2. Place each cookie so it is running vertically. This will make the frosting application easier.
  3. Start at the indentation on the side of the cookie. Make a line from the indent down to the bottom/center of the cookie.
  4. Repeat the process, but this time you start the line from the opposite indentation. Make sure your lines meet at the bottom of the cookie.
  5. While the frosting is still wet, place a sprinkle or two at the center of the lines (where the lines meet) to act as an embellishment. 

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