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Last Friday, we started our round 3 {or maybe it’s 4} of home improvements

Up first was transforming the hall coat closet {that really was just “throw it in there and I’ll deal with it later” closet} into our new pantry. The closet is literally right around the corner from the old pantry so it is right off the kitchen. We are planning of making the old pantry storage for more bulk items and cleaning supplies.

E was very eager to help the hubster with the whole project.

First, he hammered all the nails down on the old closet hardware.

Then the hubster let him use the power drill. At first, I didn’t know if I should be scared or think it was adorable. But after seeing the two of them sitting in the closet working on this project together, I came to the conclusion that it was incredibly adorable. 

When they were all finished, E was so proud of his handiwork! He couldn’t wait to put all of his snacks in the pantry. He loves being able to get into the pantry now and picking out his “cerelol” and snacks.

{yes I know we have a lot of “ceralol”}

Wednesday night, the hubster wanted to get a jump start on E’s new big boy room. He decided to to start painting the doors and patching up the walls. And again, E was eager to help paint! He lasted a lot longer than I thought he would. 
Then things got a little too messy for E and he was all done! Time for a tubby!
 If all goes according to plan this weekend, E’s big boy room should be done by Monday!! He’s so excited.
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  1. That picture of them both painting with their shadows is amazing!!!!!
    Good luck.
    (Stalking from Y3W!)

  2. Aww, he looks so cute! And great job on the closet mama! That's not enough cereal if you ask me 😉

    PS- Aren't those 6-panel doors a b!tch to paint?? Ugh.

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