Philly Cheesesteak Bites

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One thing you should know about me is that I am a Philly girl. While I wasn’t born and raised in the actual city limits, I am a Philly girl through and through. I spent a good chunk of my childhood shopping in the Italian Market on the weekends, eating at the best Italian restaurants, and, of course, paying visits to the Liberty Bell

Cheese steak beef sandwich with fork

But the one thing that I learned at a very early age is the art of the Philly Cheesesteak. How to make one and, more importantly, how to order one.

It doesn’t matter where you go in Philadelphia to order a cheesesteak there is a right and wrong way to order. If you want to get it right, follow these steps. 

How to Order a Philly Cheesesteak 

1. Walk up to counter.


2. Place your order: Pick your cheese (American, Provolone, whiz) and then With or Without (onions). So for my order I say “American without.”


3. Give your name, pay, and step over to the side until they scream your name. 

4. Eat your cheesesteak. 


Now here is where I am going to go into a little rant. As you can see from my ordering instructions, no where did I say peppers. Every time I see a place tout they have a Philly Cheesesteak and I see peppers, well, they get the side eye from me. Philly Cheesesteaks do not have peppers on them. Sure, you can walk over to the condiment counter and add some hot peppers to your cheesesteak but they are not a part of the traditional Philly Cheesesteak. 12583705_10208509922968440_498099982_n

Ok, rant over. 

As you can see I love my cheesesteaks. So naturally, as I am preparing for the Big Game, I am going to incorporate them some how. Cheesesteaks in all their glory are greasy, messy, and gooey. It’s why we love them so much. But that doesn’t work when you are sitting on the couch watching the game. You need small and portable. 

cheesesteak bites-14

So I give you Philly Cheesesteak Bites!

philly cheesesteak bites

Philly Cheesesteak Bites

To make, you will need Ritz® Crackers, thinly sliced beef sirloin, cheeses (American, Provolone, whiz), and fried onions.

cheesesteak bites-15

Start by frying your onions in a little bit of oil. You want them to be browned and translucent. 

cheesesteak bites-1

Next, add your thinly sliced beef sirloin to the pan. Cook until brown.  You want the steak for this recipe to be chopped small so that it will fit on the Ritz® Crackers.

cheesesteak bites-11

Now you are ready to assemble your cheesesteak bites. Since a cheesesteak is such a personal choice, I created a Philly Cheesesteak Bar. Guests can assemble their cheesesteaks to their liking!

cheesesteak bites-2

Start by laying out your crackers.

cheesesteak bites-3

To assemble, place your choice of cheese, American or provolone, on a cracker. If you are using whiz, skip this step.

cheesesteak bites-10

Next, place a forkful of steak on top of the cracker. 

cheesesteak bites-5

Top with onions (if you desire). If you are going with whiz, drizzle on top of your cheesesteak bite!

cheesesteak bites-12

 You are ready to snack and watch the Big Game. Serve with an ice cold Coca-Cola!

cheesesteak bites-17

You can find Coca-Cola and RITZ® Crackers at Acme Markets or other Albertsons/Safeway locations for all of your Game Day needs!


What are you planning to make for the big game? Get more RITZ® Crackers inspiration! 

A big thank you to my friend Kelly of Kelly Brown Says for the Philly inspired illustrations!

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