#PhotoADayAGL {August}

While in Chicago, I had a few people ask me why I stopped the Photo-A-Day. To be honest, I got lazy and wasn’t keeping up with my own prompts. I felt like I needed to be keeping up if I wanted people to participate. So instead of expecting others to play along without my support, I stopped.

Well, after some arm twisting, I decided to bring it back. I can’t promise that I will keep up with it every single day {and I don’t expect anyone else to either} but I will try my best.

So without further ado…

#PhotoADayAGL {August}

#photoadayagl august

The Rules

1. Participate as little or as much as you want! I can’t promise that I will be sharing every day either.

2. Share the Photo a Day prompts with your friends.

3. Share in as little or as many places as you want. Share on InstagramTwitterFacebook, your blog, G+, anywhere! Use #photoadayAGL so I can find you!

It’s that easy!

Happy snapping!

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