Poppin’ Up!

I love hydrangeas. Strike that. I heart hydrangeas! I don’t know when the obsession began or why or how, but it’s there.

It was the underlining theme of our wedding. Not so much the flower pattern (we didn’t use the picture on any of our stationary) but more the colors. When trying to pick out colors for our wedding, I immediately started looking at flowers first. I knew I just had to have hydrangeas in the wedding. That was simple! A green and purple color palette.

When I sat down with the florist, I had no idea how delicate these flowers are. When you look at them, they have a nice, hardy stem. It tricks you into thinking you have a strong flower. But 5 minutes without water, these puppies wilt and turn brown. But we did it anyway!

Oh and do you know how expensive hydrangeas are? Just ask my sister. She got 8 hydrangea plants flown in special…in March…for my bridal shower. (She loves me!) One of those centerpieces now lives in my front garden.

Last year, I told you about how it was the first year we ever got a bloom. I don’t know what we have going on in our soil but we have a ton of blooms this year. Right now, I think we have about 10-12 with more on their way. I just can’t believe how many we have right now. My mother, on the other hand, is still waiting for her’s to bloom. She has some promising buds but no flowers.

I just love pulling into my parking space and seeing those flowers. It’s a “welcome, home” to me every day. I also love seeing how many more of popped up since I left (which usually is 1 or 2). When we returned home from our vacation (stay tuned!), I couldn’t believe how big the plant had gotten. There were all these beautiful blue and purple flowers!

I always tell the hubster that if (no, when) we move out of this house, he is going to have to dig up the hydrangea. It’s coming with us. I need to have it in my garden. And if he kills, he better start looking for an apartment.

hydrangea watercolor



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  1. So pretty! I totally told Mike we should've brought my rose bushes from the old house. He wouldn't do it. Men.

    Seriously, though. Gorgeous plant. I want one now.

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