Potty Training with Bumbo!

Here we are with child number two being almost 2.5 and we are having the dreaded talk. Potty training.

We started around this time with Ethan and he really took to it. He was excited. Liked the idea of wearing big boy undies. But Ben? Ben is a totally different story. Sure, he sees Ethan going and wants to go in and make bubbles too.

Just this week, he started asking to go potty and sure enough he’s going! So I guess he’s potty training himself! I’ll take what I can get! We do have an official start date in mind {that is, if he just doesn’t start doing it on his own}. My husband is off for the week of Thanksgiving so what better time to try hardcore potty training when I have a little back up help!

As we prepare for the Potty Training battle, we are getting ready by having a few tricks up our sleeves.

One of the things that helped with Ethan was having him pick out his own little potty and step stool. When I was asked to review the step stool and potty trainer from Bumbo, I had to jump on it. Instead of Ben picking out his own, we made a big deal with the new potty training supplies arrived at our door.

potty training tips with bumbo-1

Special delivery for Benjamin!

He wasn’t too excited about the potty insert but he is in love with the step stool. What I like about this step stool compared to our old one is that it’s taller. Not only will this help him reach the potty better but it will also help when we go to wash our hands or brush our teeth at the sink.

And the potty insert? This is a great one for boys! There is tall splash guard to help with spills that we know are envitable.

What else do we have in our potty training arsenal?

1. Cheerios. This worked really well Ethan! He loved to try and aim for the Cheerios in the toilet and made potty training done.

2. M&Ms. Another great trick, um bribe, that worked well with Ethan is giving him an M&M every time he used the potty. What kid doesn’t want to earn an M&M?

3. Stickers & a Sticker Chart. With Ethan, I got all fancy with his potty chart and really it wasn’t necessary. I had a notepad laying around from when I worked in a school. I thought it was perfect for tracking his successful trips to the potty.

4. New undies. With Ethan, Santa brought him his very first pack of big boy undies. We bought some Jake & the Neverland Pirates undies for Ben and we made a big deal about how we need to keep Jake dry.

5. Lots of high fives! Whether he goes or not, we all celebrate and give high fives for trying. The positive reinforcement makes him want to keep on trying!

potty training tips with bumbo-2

Bumbo wants to help you with your potty training needs! One lucky ready will win one toilet trainer and one step stool!

Win it!

bumbo giveaway

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  1. Honestly? My best tip is to wait until they are ready. If there is a ton of resistance and tears and fighting then stop and wait until they are ready. At least, that is my opinion after potty training two little boys 🙂

  2. I never knew bumbo made anything besides their classic seat!! These look like great products!… ill keep them in mind for baby #3!

  3. Oh my heck I like the style of that potty seat!! We have a BIG problem with aim…..The best tip that I have is to stay consistent. We are pretty well potty trained after a couple of weeks, rarely ever any pee accidents and only the occasional poop accident. You, and he, can do it.

  4. My potty training tip is to just go with the flow (pun not intended). The more relaxed you are about it, the less the kid will stress about the learning process!

  5. My tip is to wait until they are ready and don’t stress about it. Give positive reinforcement when they are successful.

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    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  7. I have no tips, because I am struggling hard core in that department. We ask my son (who will be 3 in a couple of weeks) if he wants to go potty and his response is “Maybe tomorrow.” We take him in the bathroom and get anywhere near the potty and he freaks out. Ugh. LOL

  8. Thanks for the post. Reading the experiences of other parents potty training their children is very beneficial.

  9. My best tip is to stay as relaxed as possible when they are on the potty seat. This helps them to relax too and everything just seems to go naturally.

  10. I follow you on twitter and tweeted

  11. I can’t say that I have a tip, my son just turned 2 and we are talking about potty training

  12. patience patience and patience….you have to do it over and over again,,,they easily forget…

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