Pregnancy Tips Every New Mom Should Know

Congratulations! You are expecting your first baby. You’re excited. You’re nervous. You may even be a little bit scared. And that’s all ok! There will be a lot of changes in your life over the next 9 months. Some you may be prepared for, others may surprise. As a mom who has gone through this two times, I am here to give you some tips.

Pregnancy Tips Every New Mom Should Know

See a doctor. This may be a no brainer to you, but it’s really important for all expectant mothers to see their doctor on a regular basis throughout their pregnancy. He or she will be able to ascertain how well the baby is growing, and ensure that both of you are healthy.

Diet. You should also take a look at your diet. Make the changes needed to ensure your optimum physical well-being and that of your developing child. Get lots of protein, vitamins and fiber, and drink plenty of water. Add about three hundred calories to your daily count to make certain that you’re taking in enough energy for yourself and the baby.

Exercise. If you follow an exercise regimen, discuss with your doctor how you should continue. Most women can safely exercise throughout their pregnancies, although some alterations may be necessary. Talk to your doctor about your workout routine to make sure that you and your baby enjoy the greatest benefits from working out.

Stretch. Stretch to keep your body toned and flexible, and to reduce the likelihood of leg cramps. Your growing weight can put pressure on various parts of your body, and that pressure can result in painful cramps. So stretch gently before you go to sleep each night and again before you get up each morning.

Morning sickness. Morning sickness can be one of the worst experiences you’ll endure and it doesn’t just happen in the morning!. Avoid or minimize it with a few easy techniques. Add fresh brewed ginger root to a cup of tea or eat more leafy greens. You can also try acupuncture or wear acupressure wristbands. These wristbands help stimulate your pressure points.

Take it all with a grain of salt. You will get a ton of advice when you are pregnant. Some good. Some bad. You have to take it all with a grain of salt. While most people want to help and have your best interest at heart, a lot of advice comes from old school traditions. As always, you should consult your doctor before trying anything!

Ask for help. Now is not the time to be superwoman. You already are one. You are growing a little human being. This is the time to ask for help. People will come running to help you!

It may not all go as planned. And that’s ok! The end result for any pregnancy is a healthy mom and healthy baby. Things may not go as you thought they would, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have a new little bundle of joy!

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