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Pretend Play Sets by eeBoo

Travel around the world, run your own diner and put on a show with eeBoo’s new pretend play sets. Illustrated by Holly Berry, these sets have a wonderful vintage design and provide a template with which kids can invent, play, and imagine. 


eeBoo World Traveler



Travel The World

The World Traveler set includes tickets, postcards, travel documents and a play passport.  Whether you want to roam the urban jungle of San Francisco, or go on a wild safari in Kenya, the World Traveler Pretend Play set will give you the tools you need to get there.


eeBoo Showtime


Put On A Show

The Showtime set includes tickets, show posters, popcorn boxes, DIY programs, play money, a microphone and a bouquet, and signs. The girls are constantly putting on shows that this would be perfect for.




eeBoo Best Pals Diner


Open A Diner

Best Pal’s Diner includes menus, guest checks, play money and 17 food and drink pieces. We personally think that this is the cutest ever! I know the girls are constantly playing with their kitchen “cooking” for one another. This would be a darling addition for them to play with.


These play sets by eeBoo cost $13. They can be purchased at


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