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I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

After a month in Kindergarten, we are knee deep in learning. The homework has come flowing in {ok, it’s only 2 sheets a night, not a big deal} and all of the papers. I am simply floored with Ethan’s progress already.

It must be true. They are really a different person when they aren’t with you. The things his teacher can get him to write amaze me. Then I try. And I fail.

Hosting a LeapReader MommyParty couldn’t have come at a better time. This was the perfect opportunity for me to work with on his reading and writing in a fun way. Plus, we got to invite some friends to have some fun too. Oh and learn as well!

We met up with our friends for a morning “study” session complete with muffins, donuts, fruit, and chocolate milk!

leap reader

The boys were eager to dive right into the Disney-Pixar Monster’s University 3D book! They are pretty tech savvy {for 5 year olds} so we let them figure out how to work the LeapReader and what it does. Not only did the enjoy having the book read to them but they liked to put the pen on the different characters and hear what sounds they made.

leap reader

Next up was Learn to Write Letters with Mr. Pencil Writing Workbook. The moms were chatting about how our kids are struggling with all of the writing in school and how they could definitely use the extra practice. We were all shocked at how much the kids were enjoying writing their letters with Mr. Pencil. This is definitely a must if your child is struggling with writing. It takes the fight out of practicing letters and makes it fun!

leap reader

We let the boys try the rest of the products and just have fun with it! We have never seen them so engrossed {and quiet!}. They were all excited to receive their Reading Certificates at the end!

leap reader

About LeapReader

LeapReader is the complete learn-to-read-and-write solution that combines three essential literacy skills: reading, writing, and listening. LeapReader is designed to enhance vocabulary development and reading comprehension to help children become confident, independent readers and writers!

leap reader

LeapFrog’s legacy is rooted in learn-to-read solutions. Throughout the past 18 years, LeapFrog has helped millions of kids learn to read and love to read. The LeapReader is the next generation of learning! With the LeapReader, kids will sound out words and read sentences, learn to write letters with interactive guidance, and listen to audio books, music, and more on-the-go!

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