Removing Stains from a Down Coat

I’m a klutz. I’m clumsy. I trip over imaginary things and spill almost everything. So it’s no surprise that my coat is covered in stains. Sometimes I don’t even know the stains are there. And then they are pointed out to me (either by a good friend or my dear husband). Case in point: the stain on my coat.

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But how do I get this type of stain out of my coat! I didn’t think throwing it in the wash would do the trick. I didn’t really want to drop it off at the dry cleaners seeing that it is currently 6 degrees out. So I turned to Pinterest. Doesn’t Pinterest have all the answers these day?

Removing Stains from a Down Coat

Removing Stains from a Down Coat

I kept seeing the same thing suggested over and over. No fancy cleaners. You probably have everything you need in your house already.

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To remove the stain from your coat, you will need: Dawn Dish soap (the blue kind was recommended but I didn’t have that on hand), peroxide, and baking soda. Mix 1 part dish soap and 1 part peroxide. Really, I just dumped a bunch in. It’s not an exact science. Then add in your baking soda. You want to add enough baking soda in to make a paste.

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Once you have your paste, start slopping it on your coat. I used a toothbrush to really work it into the coat. Check around the cuffs. This is a high stain area!

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Once you over all the stains, hang your coat up (you’ll probably start seeing more stains after this!) and let it sit in for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, work in some more of the paste and throw it in the wash. Make sure you follow the direction on your coat!

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Voila! You have a stain-free coat…even if it’s only for a few days.


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  1. Clever alert! I love this! I am a klutz too…lol sad. This is what I would call a life hack, thanks for linking it up to the #ShineBlogHop!

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