Sandy Treasures Art Auction

Back in October, Hurricane Sandy did a horrible amount of damage to the Jersey Shore.

hurricane sandy damage

Since the storm left the area, there have been many efforts by locals to help connect the people in need with those willing to give through an amazing Facebook page called Hurricane Sandy Support Page- South Jersey.  Well here we are in March and people are still in need of help!

A friend of mine, Cindy of Whatever Works, came up with a great idea while painting shells with her daughter one day. Her idea?

Sandy Treasures Art Auction

The Sandy Treasures Art Auction is all about local artists using elements from the Jersey Shore to make beautiful pieces of art to be auctioned off in an online auction. 100% of all proceeds will be going directly to Waves for Water’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative.   They have done wonderful work  in our local communities!

I was so honored when Cindy asked me to donate one of my photographs to the auction. My “Barnegat Lighthouse at Sunset” photograph is the main picture on the Hurricane Sandy Support Page and has been seen as an image of inspiration and hope. As I looked through more images from our LBI vacation last year, I found another image that I thought would be perfect as well. It’s simple. Just a pile of shells that my boys collected on the beach one day. Those shells provided hours of entertainment and were one of their favorite things to do last summer.

I knew I wanted these images to be big and beautiful. I asked my friends over at Picaboo to help me out! They donated for the auction {2} 16×20 canvases. And let me tell you? They are gorgeous  These images do not even do them justice!

lbi light house sandy shells

The auction is tentatively scheduled to start April 1, 2013. All opening bids will start at only $15! That means you could possibly end up with a beautiful new piece of art {like my canvases above} for your home that not only has sentimental value, but won’t break your bank!

Make sure you check the Sandy Treasures Art Auction website for more information.

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  1. I thought that was Barnegat! We love LBI – but have to wait for our shorehouse to be rebuilt before we’ll be back 🙁

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