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Self-Care Tips for Baseball Season for Kids

So happy to share this blog post I created as a Suave Kids partner. The Disney, Frozen and Star Wars trademarks are used by Unilever pursuant to a license agreement with The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.

We are headed into our busiest season of the year, baseball season. And with baseball season comes dirty, sweaty, stinky boys. Hey, if you aren’t dirty, you aren’t having fun right?


I will admit that during the winter months are bath time routines are a little more lax. The cold winter weather is really drying to everyone’s skin. But once baseball season hits, they are hitting the showers every night. And we have come up with a pretty good routine when it comes to personal hygiene during baseball season.

Which is why I rely on .

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Suave Kids®, the #1 kids’ haircare brand, offers head-to- toe gentle products that are specially formulated just for kids. When the kids were younger, they loved the fun kids’ bottles. Now that they are getting older? They still want the tear-free shampoo but want a more “older” look in their bottle.

Who knew what was on the bottle mattered? But it does!

Now, we are awakening the bath time adventure with the . It fits their needs being tear-free and dermatologist / ophthalmologist tested but also has a more mature look. And it is perfect for everyday use so I don’t have to worry about it drying out their skin.

Self-Care Tips for Baseball Season for Kids

Self-Care Tips for Baseball Season for Kids

Drink lots of water! Everyone should be drinking a lot of water but sometimes kids need to be reminded, especially when they are playing a sport. They can get so wrapped up in the game that they simply forget.

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Shower after every practice or game. Chances are you got pretty dirty sliding into home, you are going to need to rinse that all off! Especially the ring of dirt they get around the sock line!

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Make sure you wash your hair well. That’s where Suave Kids comes in! Not only does Suave Kids clean hair it leaves skin soft and smooth – all in one simple step! It has a rich, creamy lather with a fun, fresh scent designed for kids.

Wash personal gear weekly. This is important for any sport. If your kids aren’t old enough to take on this responsibility themselves, get into the habit of having them at least help out. I like to wash everything on Sundays before the next week of baseball begins.

Keep nails neat and trim. There’s nothing worse than having a nail snag on a glove. Or having dirt caked under the boys’ fingernails. By keeping them neat and trim, I avoid both of these!

is sold at Walmart,  Target, Mass, Grocery, Drug and Value retailers!

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