#SellMyPhone Fast & Easy on eBay

We all have phones laying around the house that we pushed aside when the latest and greatest version came out. Or given to our kids to play with so that they would have their own cell phones. {Mitts off mine!} I know I am definitely guilty of this!

Of course, I could have traded it in with my carrier for a credit on my new phone. But the credit was barely worth my time.

But there are other ways for me to sell my phone.

Did you know you can sell an old cell phone on eBay using their new Sell My Phone tool? Did you know you could potentially make a lot of money? Ah, well now you know!

eBay’s Sell My Phone tool is a super easy way to sell your phone and make some money in return!

So how does it work?

#SellMyPhone on (2)

It’s seriously that easy.

Need more reasons to sell your phone on ebay?

  • On average, a cell phone is sold every 4 seconds on eBay.
  • A Samsung cell phone is sold every 22 seconds on eBay.
  • An LG cell phone sold every 2 minutes on eBay.
  • A Sony cell phone sells every 8 minutes on eBay.
  • An iPhone is sold every 16 Seconds on eBay.
  • An HTC phone is sold every minute on eBay.
  • A Blackberry is sold every 2 minutes on eBay.
  • A Motorola cell phone is sold every minute on eBay.
  • A Nokia cell phone is sold every 3 minutes on eBay.
  • A Microsoft windows cell phone is sold every 7 minutes on eBay.

Just think of what you could do with the money made by selling back your old phone!

Buy a new phone…


…or take a little vacation…


…pay off a bill…

close up shot of check writing

…or treat yourself to something shiny!


Whether you want to sell your old Samsung Galaxy, sell your iPhone, or sell another type of phone, eBay is a fast and easy way to make some money.

How would you use the money you made by selling your phone on eBay?

Disclosure: My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay. All opinions are my own.

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