Seven Household Items with Crazy Uses

You have a lot of things in your home that you may not know have more than one use. Like did you know you could use salt to defrost your car or chalk as a stain remover?You might want to take another look at some of these items in your home –they may have a crazy or unusual use that you’ve never thought of before!

Seven Household Items with Crazy Uses

7 household items with crazy uses



  • Deodorizing: Rubbing half a lemon or a lemon slice under your arms is said to kill bacteria that causes body odor. And if you toss the used peel into the disposal, it will refresh your disposal and eliminate sink odors.
  • Spider repellent: Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto a cloth or the brush attachment of your vacuum, and then dust cobwebs with it. Spiders dislike the lemony scent and should shun the corners, decreasing your cobweb problem.


Coca Cola can with Cola in a glass

  • Defroster: Pour Coca-Cola over an ice-covered windshield to de-ice.
  • Rust remover: If a bolt, screw or nail is too rusty to turn or remove, pour Coke over it and allow it to soak for a few minutes and try again.
  • Stain remover: You can remove blood and/or grease stains from clothing by pouring on some Coke.
  • Grease and oil remover: Pour Coca-Cola over oil stains on concrete; soak for a few minutes and clean with a hose.


white chalk and balckboard

  • Stain remover: Get rid of oily stains by rubbing with chalk prior to washing. Chalk absorbs the oil.
  • Ant repellent: Draw a line of chalk across and around the places where the ants are getting into your house. They won’t cross the chalk line because it dries them up.
  • Moisture absorber: Drop a piece of chalk in with your silver items, and it will absorb the moisture and prevent tarnish.


Salt shaker on wooden table

  • Frost prevention: Rub your windows on the inside with salt water. Allow to dry to prevent frost.
  • Keep down the fizz and foam: Sprinkle salt over the fizzy foam on top of a soft drink to bring it down.
  • Water spot removal: Sprinkle a little salt on water spots on wood, and rub with a little olive or almond oil.
  • Scrubber: Use salt and baking soda to scrub out porcelain or metal sinks.

Plastic Cups

plastic cup

  • Seed starter: Use a nail to poke holes in the bottom of plastic cups, fill with dirt, and plant seeds.
  • Sifter: use a small nail to poke holes in the bottom of the cup, and use to sift fine sugar or cocoa powder over desserts.

Coffee Filters


  • Flowerpot liner: Put a coffee filter on the bottom of a flowerpot to cover the hole and prevent dirt from falling out.
  • Window shiner: Use a coffee filter to polish the inside of your car windows to remove smudges and streaks. Use on mirrors, too.
  • Porcelain protector: Place a coffee filter between plates and bowls in your cupboard to prevent scratches and nicks.


Pile of finely ground flour and wooden spoon

  • Body powder: Use cornstarch on your feet or other sweaty areas to cool and prevent chafing.
  • Lubricant: Use cornstarch inside rubber boots and gloves to facilitate removal.
  • Detangler: Sprinkle cornstarch on knotted rope or string to help get the knots out.

Who knew you had so many useful items around your home!

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